To Doodle, or Not to Doodle

Darren Paul is founder of Inkboard for iOS and Android. It is being billed as “an easy and fun way to draw on pictures or blank canvas with life-like creative tools.” Since users can draw text messages and doodle on photos with the scribble of a finger and share them via text and social media, I asked Paul to answer some questions that way, and the traditional too.


What is Inkboard?
A platform for creativity and self-expression.

Why is it of value today?
Inkboard users from all over the world are spending time creating and communicating with each other every day, spending their valuable time with us.

What will distinguish this from Sketchpad and other drawing programs?
Inkboard is far more than a bunch of drawing tools. Inkboard is a company focused on empowering creativity through a suite of products.

Can users really have the same drawing experience as on paper?
Far better. Ink that erases with our “smart erasers.” …

What are the virtues of drawing and writing by hand?
Studies have linked a myriad of cognitive benefits to writing and drawing, versus typing. Also, art.

We all love to doodle, but how do we rise to another level?
Like anything else, practice and education. Everyone is creative.






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