Adobe Launches Substance 3D Collection, Empowering The Future Of 3D & Creativity

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Designers already know and love tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. While these essential programs have endless potential for creatives, Adobe has also tried to gain a foothold in the world of 3D.

In the virtual press conference for Adobe’s latest software, Sebastien Deguy, vice president of 3D and immersive at Adobe, stated, “This past year, we’ve seen creators have to adapt, work from home, work collaboratively, and it’s been amazing to watch. A survey by Adobe found that 83% agree that the events that happened last year have made it more important than ever for them to expand their creative skills and adapt. And we also found a 40% increase in 3D projects.”

To support the next generation of 3D artists and creators, Adobe realized its missing link and, as of today, is launching the Substance 3D collection. This suite of tools will help designers assemble 3D models, materials, and lighting in a 3D scene. Not only that, but it includes texturing tools and stylized photorealistic images so that designer’s works can genuinely come to life.

“It allows you to create any texture and any material that you can find in the world,” said Jérémie Noguer, principal product manager at Substance 3D for Adobe. “It’s a very neat tool, and you can do endless things.”

In all, here’s what comes in the collection.

Substance 3D Stager: Stager allows users to build an atmosphere implement endless materials and comprehensive lighting realistically. You can either create basic models, import models from other apps, or use ones from the asset library which are fully customizable. You can also import your own photo as a background, and the tool will automatically match perspective. This tool is all about creating realistic photographs and renderings.

Substance 3D Painter: Painter is all about adding textures and materials to a 3D object with details that tell a complete story. You can either paint by hand, use the automatic generator, or use both tools to craft the perfect texture to your liking. Like Adobe’s Photoshop, you paint and create masks on layers for more effective and smooth creations. This tool exists to help make objects look as lifelike as possible.

Substance 3D Sampler: Sampler allows users to obtain, sample, and blend the objects around you to transform them into resources for your 3D scene. The significant power of this tool is how it takes images and converts them into materials using Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Substance 3D Designer: Designer allows users to use smart tools and filters to go the extra mile to adjust materials or create customizable filters, effects, and brushes from scratch.

Substance 3D Asset Library: Not only can you design your own creations within Substance, but you can also use the thousands of customizable assets, including everything from 3D models, lights, and materials. According to the Adobe blog, “The models include everything from a rusty screwdriver to an airplane cabin wall and cover all sorts of uses, from fashion and automobile design to architecture and games— everything you need to get a head start on whatever project you’re planning and make your scene rich with detail and nuance.”

“One of the exciting things about 3D creativity is how versatile it is,” said Adobe’s chief product officer Scott Belsky in a blog post about the announcement. “While many designers are using 3D now to create marketing images and product catalogs, it’s also capable of creating entire immersive worlds in virtual or augmented reality that are purely the product of a creative person’s imagination. I believe many of our future experiences will come through a 3D, immersive interface. Artists are the dreamers and risk-takers who will discover what’s possible in this new medium, and I can’t wait to see what you’ll create with the Substance 3D Collection.”

So whether you’re a student wanting to develop your portfolio or you’ve been in the creative business for countless years, this new tool from Adobe is sure to make your designs top-notch and utterly remarkable.