Top Five 3D Artists To Follow On Instagram

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There’s no denying it; three-dimensional art is exciting, entrancing, and otherworldly. Call me a nerd, but the fact that we can see multiple dimensions of art pieces via a two-dimensional plane is genuinely fascinating as it gives you a new way of looking at things beyond what you might’ve previously thought possible. Yet, so often, it’s easy to look past the art form as we see objects three-dimensionally in real-life effortlessly. Still, the artists behind these 3D creations have minds that work in mysteriously creative ways. They’re able to see the world in a way that others take for granted and turn these different views into beautiful creations for everyone to share and love.

Today we’re sharing the top five three-dimensional artists you need to follow on Instagram; they might give you a new perspective.

Nicole Wu | @nicolemadethat

Talk about art taking you into a whole new world. Nicole Wu is a Melbourne-based 3D Designer and artist. Her artwork combines her love for surreal landscapes with outer space components to create compositions that transport your mind and mood to a new space. The colors she often uses are muted, soft, and effervescent. There’s no doubt in my mind that Nicole’s dreams must be filled with these metaphysical views, and if that’s not magical, I’m not sure what is. Once you start scrolling through her feed, you’ll realize how profound the word escapism can mean.

Jeremiah Shaw | @geo.jerm

Based in San Francisco, Jeremiah Shaw is a 3D artist and designer focused on illustration, animation, and product design. Currently, he is a design manager at Apple and has previously worked at Google and Dropbox. You’ll find everything on his feed, from a solemn little bonsai guy to more abstract compositions; there is no lack of creativity. So if your imagination ever needs a reboot, a quick scroll through Jeremiah’s feed should do the trick.

César Pelizer | @cesarpelizer

While he’s also an animation director, César Pelizer’s Instagram feed does a fantastic job of showcasing his phenomenal 3D artistry. César has an exceptional and recognizable aesthetic, exemplified through a color palette that stays consistent in his work, making for a highly structured feed. On this feed, you’ll find a relatable character throughout countless posts, lots of charming little fingertips, and even more hard-boiled eggs. You know a César Pelizer Instagram post when you see a César Pelizer Instagram post.

Mohamed Chahin | @mohamed_chahin

Mohamed Chahin’s Instagram feed reeled me in because of the emotions he puts into the eyes of his characters. They’re sweet, pure, innocent, but you can tell there’s a bit of drama hiding behind the giant and tear-filled eyes. It’s clear that Mohamed likes to explore with different styles, characters, textures, and shades, and I love that every single post brings you on a different adventure because of the endless scenes and scenarios. Please also note that if you can find the vile of Yzma’s Llama Potion from Emperor’s New Groove on this feed, you and I were meant to be friends.

Fran Rossi | @_fran_rossi

I don’t know how he does it, but the textures found on Fran Rossi’s Instagram account are beyond realistic. Based in Buenos Aries, Argentina, Fran is an Art Director focused on 3D/CGI design for print, advertising, web, branding, and motion. Each post on his feed showcases his skills and proves that he knows what he’s doing precisely. My favorite posts on this feed are the one that features a big fuzzy ball with a texture that could be anything from sheep’s wool, a barrel of hay, or air-filled dandelion. The mysterious and almost tactile surfaces intrigue me.