Brand of the Day: Foxtrot

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In 2013, the startup Foxtrot launched to bring food and alcohol to Chicagoans’ doorsteps in less than an hour—and not all that long after, they began building out physical locations.

The impeccably designed spaces serve as a hybrid next-gen bodega and cafe, or, as Foxtrot puts it, “the digitally native evolution of the corner store.”

Now, Leo Burnett is taking Foxtrot’s aesthetic to the next level with its “Good Stuff Delivered” campaign, which focuses on small moments of joy in the pandemic age.

As the agency writes, “At the heart of the ‘Good Stuff Delivered’ campaign are new, simple yet tongue-in-cheek black and white illustrations inspired by Foxtrot's tightly defined aesthetic, done by Leo Burnett. While these playful graphics have always been Foxtrot's signature, the campaign turns them into larger-than-life expressions to capture the essence of delight that is core to the brand's foundation.”

The imagery is set to be deployed across all of the brand’s touchpoints, from the virtual to Foxtrot’s store bags and new coffee merch. Coinciding with the campaign’s focus on surprise and delight, Foxtrot is also treating its customers to random free coffee, gift cards, and more during the launch.

Smart design for a brand that’s hot to trot.