Sagmeister & Walsh’s Newest Project May Be Their Biggest Yet

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Here, for your moment of eye candy Zen, is Sagmeister & Walsh’s latest project—a massive campaign launch for Frooti, one of India’s largest mango juice brands.

The team traveled to India for research and inspiration, and returned with what would become the vibrant branding effort below. After Pentagram created the package design, Sagmeister & Walsh tackled everything from the visual identity to the interactive elements, social strategy and ads.


As Walsh wrote to Print:

When Stefan and I visited India, we noticed how most of the billboard campaigns used a similar language: lots of text-heavy ads or straightforward images of people / product shots. There are also numerous size formats, and billboards often overlap each other. The result is that the advertising landscape in many areas looks extremely busy and nothing stands out, as everything speaks in a similar language.

Noticing this, we designed Frooti’s campaigns to be very simple and graphic with bold colors. The primary goal from the client was was to introduce the new packaging design in a fresh, bold and playful way. The idea we came up with was to create a miniature world using tiny scaled models of vehicles, people and plant life. Only the Frooti packaging and mangos were kept in real-life scale. This allowed the packaging and the mango to appear as the hero of the shots while allowing us to tell stories and add moments of humor. We introduced four bold colors to the brand, which complement the yellow of Indian mango and add a sense of playfulness across the imagery.

Looking at the heavily commercial and busy ad landscape, we loved the idea of creating images that had sweetness or humor. These graphics will be posted all over the country on billboards, above shops, and painted on the sides of buildings. Whether it’s a mango hula hooping, a couple kissing behind a mango sunset, or a group of friends riding down a mango blimp, we tried to create imagery that could make people smile.

We also conceptualized games, a social media strategy, a cocktail recipe website and a digital platform for all things Frooti. This included creating creating many smaller stop-motion animation videos.

For these shorter videos we brought the mango to life, giving them a sense of playfulness and character. Over time on their Instagram account we will continue to release videos to this series. The graphic language is very adaptable to telling all kinds of stories: Already we’ve released little stop-motion videos celebrating the Holi festival, the win of the last Indian cricket team, and mangos hugging for Valentines day.

Here are more images from the campaign. For the full lineup, gifs and more videos, drop by Sagmeister & Walsh.


Frooti Cricket from Sagmeister & Walsh on Vimeo.

Frooti Spring 2015 – Behind the Scenes from Sagmeister & Walsh on Vimeo.

Credits:Jessica Walsh: Creative / Art Direction, DesignStefan Sagmeister: Creative DirectionNadia Chauhan, Vaibhav Bhargava: ClientSagmeister & Walsh / Special Guest / 1st Ave Machine: TVC SpotMarion Luttenberger: Photography / DesignBriony Crane: Design / RetouchingScott Carthy: Photography, Behind the Scenes VideoZipeng Zhu: Website Design & AnimationHenry Hargreaves: PhotographyLutz & Schmidt: Retouching

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