4 Reasons These Past Winners Want You to Enter RDA 2013

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The Print Regional Design Annual, now in its 32nd year, is the most comprehensive survey of graphic design in the United States and the only design competition organized by geography. When you enter the RDA you not only have the opportunity for national exposure, but to see how your work measures up against your peers in your region and nation-wide. The Annual is seen by thousands of creative professionals and is an essential resource for art directors and studios. But we wouldn’t want to take our word for it! Here, past RDA winners share their experience with the competition, their reasons for entering and how it has helped them to grow their business and raise their own profile in the design world:

1. Build & Maintain a Successful Business

“Entering our work in Print’s Regional Design Annual has become somewhat second nature…when we first opened the studio. I was at a design event and happened to be in conversation with the owners of a studio that I very much admired. Being young, eager, and in awe, I began spewing off a mouthful of questions, trying to gain some insight…or some sort of secret advice…I could see very clearly, as I was projecting questions toward them, that they were looking for that moment—that slight pause—in which they could exit the conversation. Eventually, one of them just turned away and left, leaving the other to form some sort of response to my impromptu interrogation. I was able to get a piece of advice—and whether it was intended to be sarcastic or not, I still use it every day: How do you maintain a successful studio? You win awards.” – Jeremiah Chiu, Plural

2. Expand Your Client Base

“It’s a great opportunity to get exposure for your work. Many of the types of clients that we work with, or would like to work with, are reading PRINT. Being recognized is a great way to have someone else tell our story for us – how we think and the type of work we create. It’s the best validation for clients who really care about finding a creative partner and a great way for us to get in front of clients who are like-minded in their approach to the creative process.” – Elliott Bedinghaus, SPARK Agency

3. Make Valuable Connections

“Design is one of the few professions that encompass such a strong sense of camaraderie. As designers we innately seek a connection to one another and strive to belong to be a part of something bigger. Whether you are working in NYC at a large agency or a freelance designer working out of a coffee shop, there always seems to be a sense of congeniality within our profession. No matter the circumstances, we as designers reach out to our peers to inspire, to be inspired, to open ourselves up for encouragement or advice. This is just one of the reasons why I love what we all get to do. This profession and its’ astounding sense of camaraderie has been present long before we were able to direct message each other or pin our favorite makers newest triumph. For me, the honor of belonging to this collection of people goes back to being accepted in to the pages of Print’s Regional Design Annual. I still remember the excitement I felt when I was accepted into the Annual for the first time in 2004. This was a book I had looked at so many times, for so many years and I felt proud to be a small part of it. The Annual has helped me form strong connections and has even brought a few new clients my way. Moreover, being a part of something in which year after year, decade after decade, inspires and bonds us all as designers is beyond a privilege.” – Tad Carpenter, Tad Carpenter Creative

4. Get Motivated. Be Inspired and Admired!

“Print magazine’s Regional Design Annual continues to be one of the most respected competitions in the industry. For a company that has entered numerous regional and national competitions, getting our work in Print is great validation. Having your work exist beside the best work in your region is extremely rewarding. Our design staff looks to the Regional Design Annual for inspiration. Mainly, to see the creative solutions our peers are applying to the various companies and brands they cultivate. That in turn motivates us to provide best-in-class ideas and sets the quality bar for our work.” – Geoff German, Squires Company

Check out these Designer’s Winning Pieces and more in our Gallery and enter The RDA 2013 Today!