Most Memorable RDA Covers + An Exciting, New Incentive to Enter

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You enter cutting-edge work into design competitions, like Print’s Regional Design Annual. The work is judged. In this case, by industry stars who select the winners. Your work is selected. Now what?

For the first time ever, in addition to the hundreds of award-winning designs selected by prestigious judges to appear in this annual, one project from each of the six regions will be elevated by its distinguished judge as the top winner. All six of these winners will be invited as guests to HOW Design Live 2015 (airfare and hotel included), the world’s largest and most anticipated annual design conference with top-brass speakers like, Stefan Sagmeister, Bob Gill, Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin, Stanley Hainsworth, Daniel Pink, Debbie Millman, Aaron Draplin, Michael Donovan, Nancye Green and many, many others. Plus each of the six regional winners will be honored in front of thousands of design peers at the event in a special award ceremony. HOW Design Live 2015 will also boast a new on-site gallery devoted to all selected RDA projects, thus broadening the reach of this inspiring work. If there was ever a time to enter the Regional Design Annual competition this is it.

For all winning entries, being included in Print’s Regional Design Annual, the December issue, is a huge distinction worn by designers from across the United States during the past 33 years that the competition has existed. This issue of Print has long been a staple of the industry, serving as a bird’s eye view of the impressive creators in each region and the type of work that they produce. Thus, the Regional Design Annual issue has been a longstanding favorite among readers. This lush issue boasts the highest page counts out of any issue — allowing all the more space to showcase the work of winners. It’s a sure sell-out on newsstands, so make sure that you grab your copy fast!

Part of what makes these issues so special — besides the award-winning work— are their covers. Below, find scans of some of our most memorable.

PRINT Dec 2013 RDA