RDA 2009: Logo for 3 Monkeys Amps

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For this year’s Regional Design Annual, Print asked each designer a fewquestions about their work that appeared in the magazine. Raleigh, North Carolina-based freelance designer Shane Smith talks about the logo he made for 3 Monkeys Amps, and what it’s like to be a designer in North Carolina.

Logo for 3 Monkeys Amps

Logo for 3 Monkeys Amps. DESIGN FIRM: Karma Laundry, Raleigh; ART DIRECTOR: Greg Howard; DESIGNER/ILLUSTRATOR: Shane Smith.

What’s your favorite thing about being a designer in Raleigh?

The diversity of talent and work is great in Raleigh. Finding physical inspiration is difficult at times in this city. There’s tons of it out there, but it’s far too easy to sit stagnant in suburbia and waste away.

What was the process like for this piece? I had a fair amount of leeway. The client, also a designer, served as the art director on the piece. By bouncing ideas off each other, it was a fluid process.

If you could do one thing differently in creating this design if you had it to do again, what would it be?I might make it more organic. I’ve been trying to get away from smooth vector marks lately and would love to see what else I could do with this.

How do you get most of your work? Self-promotion, word-of-mouth, or another approach?Most of my work I get by word-of-mouth. I’ve spent a large amount of my life working in retail, so I understand the value of great customer service.

How has the economy changed your design business? I think the downturn in the economy has helped my business (knock on wood). Many companies no longer have in house designers, but still need to get the work done, so they call on freelancers.

Do you think Raleigh, or North Carolina, has a regional style?I don’t see a certain style, per se. Raleigh is just like any other design community but with better BBQ. It’s diverse in designers, styles and flavors.

On that note, have you worked any other regions of the country? I once worked in west Raleigh, now that was crazy.