RDA: Forensic Ads Analysis

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I’m not all that surprised that the term I thought I just made up – Forensic Ads Analyst – is an actual job description at Facebook. I coined the phrase when I took a looked through the 1982 issue of the Regional Design Annual.


RDA – Midwest 1982

While some may consider the RDA Awards to be a competition, we know it’s much more than that. It is a piece of history that is segmented by region, showcasing the culture and attitudes of an era. To understand a particular space in time, one need only look back at the way ads were presented to consumers.

The above ad characterizes one of the turning points in American car manufacturing. American automobile advertising at that time focused on image, discounting the energy crisis that crippled America just a few years earlier. Japanese automakers understood the market better, focused on fuel efficiency with messages of buying smart and easily gobbled up market share.

In-house creative teams know that good work is predicated on knowing what motivates the audience they are trying to reach, then creating content and images that moves them to act. Be a part of history and enter the 2013 RDA Awards – The deadline is Monday, April 1st.

This year’s RDA cover will be created by well-known brand consultant, artist and author, Debbie Millman. Enter now.


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