RDA Selects: How to Design a Taco Logo

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For the next several weeks, we’ll be running selected projects from the 2012 Regional Design Annual along with quotes from their designers. To submit work for the 2013 RDA, click here—the early-bird deadline is February 1, 2013.

The Taco Spot logo by J Fletcher Design (Charleston, SC): Jay Fletcher (creative director/art director/designer); jfletcherdesign.com

“This project was actually a rare instance where I reached out to the client rather than the client reaching out to me. I’d been a fan of the Taco Spot’s food for quite some time. I gradually came to know the owners, and eventually I put out the idea of helping them with a new logo. At first, I figured I’d avoid using a taco altogether—but the winning idea immediately presented itself and seemed too obvious to ignore. I often feel like the best ideas can be so obvious that you’ll accidentally mistake them for being boring if you’re not careful.” —Jay Fletcher


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