RDA Selects: MoMA Cuts “German Expressionism” in Two

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We’re running selected projects from the 2012 Regional Design Annual along with quotes from their designers. To submit work for the 2013 RDA, click here—the early-bird deadline is February 1, 2013.

“German Expressionism” exhibition graphics by MoMA Design Studio: Julia Hoffmann (creative director); Brigitta Bungard (art director); Jesse Reed (designer); moma.org/designstudio

“The title wall was clearly legible as visitors exited the elevators, but as they approached the entrance, they discovered the shift between the walls, which cut the title in two. This cut, emphasized by the red wall color, also symbolized World War I, a pivotal point for the German Expressionist movement and artists; inside the exhibition, visitors could see this motif repeated in the layout and color of the gallery walls.

“We used letters from an old wood-type alphabet, which at this huge scale emphasized the imperfection of prints yet still felt bold and contemporary. A closer look revealed how the black letters were painted with the texture of an enlarged woodcut, alluding to the texture of many of the prints in the exhibition.” —Julia Hoffmann