Uncovering Matchbox Studio’s Lost RDA Entry

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[Editor’s note: Print‘s 2011 Regional Design Annual recently hit newsstands. As usual it contains a glorious sampling of the most stunning design from individuals and firms all around the country. Sadly, what it doesn’t contain is the work by the very talented team at Matchbox studio in Dallas. That’s because we goofed: We told them that they’d won (which they had) but somehow managed to leave them out of the magazine. In the immortal words of Gov. Rick Perry: “Oops.”]

Project: The Real Estate Council Fall Gala 2010 InvitationDesigner: Zach HaleFirm: MatchboxCity: Dallas


Q&A with Matchbox designer, Zach Hale

What’s the best thing about being a designer in your city or town? The most challenging?I really love how many unique opportunities I get in Dallas. There’s just so much business here – we’ve been really fortunate even through this tough economy.

Is there a predominant design style in your region?There are a lot of incredibly talented young designers in Dallas who I think are pushing the boundaries of what I think was considered a regional style. It’s something I’m really glad to see, and I think it makes all of our work better.

What was the process like for this piece? Were there any challenges in making it? What about the materials (typefaces, paper, photos, illustrations, etc.)?

TREC gave us a lot of leeway to explore creating a piece that would get people excited about their event. Having a long relationship with the organization has allowed us to earn their trust, which is a great thing to have with any client and really lets us push the limits.

One of the most fun elements of the piece is the envelope, which is a screen printed glassine bag. We’d originally quoted a really fancy red envelope, but couldn’t afford it — the bag was a cheap solution that we ended up loving, and even had the client give out popcorn in them at the event.

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