Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite

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Publishing design (magazines, book covers, CD cases, etc.) has been a monumental staple in print design. So many prominent designers who stand by the print medium have careers rooted in the publishing industry, and yes they continue to wow us with the tactile and innovative styling that only print can offer.

So that’s why some traditional designers (and maybe some of you are reading this) are hesitant to embrace digital publishing. Even without an opposition to the medium, it can still put off print designers who are intimidated by having to learn an entirely new set of skills.

But digital publishing doesn’t have to be at odds with print design. In fact, it’s really just an expansion of print.


You may have seen an ad from Adobe in the February issue of Print Magazine about their Digital Publishing Suite. They chose to highlight Graham Peace Design (GPD), a business founded in print design by a publishing designer. Here’s a quote from Adobe’s website: “However, seeing a growing future in digital publishing, Peace moved to expand GPD’s competitive advantage to encompass digital formats such as the iPad.”

Graphic design as a community is always there on the cutting edge, even if some designers refuse to be there with it. There’s no arguing that digital publishing is going to be a major part of design’s future and print designers can (and should) be a part of that. Advertisements aside, Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite aims to make that as easy as possible.

beginner course in Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, a follow-up intermediate course, and the book Digital Publishing with Adobe InDesign CS6 for just over 100 dollars ($109 to be exact). This is a completely comprehensive package for starting in digital publishing! If you decided that you’re ready to jump into digital publishing like so many other designers, then this is exactly where you should start.

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