Experiments in Hand-Lettering: A Creative Exploration

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Hand-Lettering Experiments – Textures is the latest workshop from HOW Design University and Type Camp. As a fun, creative way to exercise creativity and typography, this workshop will inspire you in your latest type projects.

Integrate textures and analog designs into your work today. This workshop is currently in session and is open until February 2nd. The instructor Diane Ovezea will provide students feedback on their submitted assignments to help students along their creative type journey.

Ovezea’s goal in this design workshop is for students to view typography from different perspectives. She focuses on using everyday objects in addition to the normal utensils, such as pen and pencil. Students will discover how to insert play into their typographical work while following her instructions.

  1. How to manipulate tools, colors, inks to make unexpected shapes that you can use later

  2. How to find the beauty in failed experiments

  3. Make the first steps into integrating analog work into your existing workflow

  4. How to work with contrast and color

This is a hands-on workshop without the use of any digital technology. I found while taking this course, that not only do you learn new techniques, but also it provides me a fantastic way to relax from the daily grind. I found that these exercises inspired creativity and provided a stress-free distraction from the day-to-day routine.

Here’s a brief preview of an experimentation covered in the course:


Boost your creativity. Enroll in this hand-lettering workshop today! Register here.