Pantone’s Turning 50: Celebrating 50 Years with a Limited-Edition Pantone Plus Series

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By: Print staff | February 27, 2013

Look who’s turning 50, happy birthday Pantone! Where would design be without the Pantone Matching System? Probably screaming at a poor printer and apologizing profusely to an angry client who’s logo now looks a queasy shade of green. So the design community is rolling out the red carpet to celebrate the PMS colors that have been instrumental in shaping their industry—and Pantone is the one bringing the presents.

In honor of their 50th Anniversary, Pantone is releasing a special, limited-edition version of their Pantone Plus Series! They’ve revamped everything from the Pantone Plus Series Essentials to the complete Reference Library. The color guides have a sharp new look and the sets of guides now come with a sleek 50th Anniversary case.

Pantone's 50th Anniversary Celebration

Let’s take a look at Pantone’s influence over the years. We all know how important color is to design, and a caveat of that is color consistency. That’s why Tiffany & Co. went through the trouble to put a color trademark on their iconic shade of blue. And who do you think they hired to help them custom mix that shade of blue? Pantone.

Yes, Pantone has become the color authority over these past 50 years. So much so that some states and even countries (Texas, Canada) have specific Pantone colors written into the legislation of their flags. You could say they are kind of a big deal.

Pantone Plus Series at and take this opportunity to renew your set, or maybe pick up your first one. Take advantage of this one-time opportunity! Not to mention, special anniversary discounts apply to many of them.