’65’ is a Book Celebrating Ghana’s 65th Independence, Designed and Curated By Jean Quarcoopome

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Jean Quarcoopome is a designer based in Ghana who recently designed 65, a book about celebrating Ghana’s 65th Independence. The book’s cover is whimsical, vivid, and empowering without trying too hard. The lively pink and chartreuse hues highlight a sense of brightness and excitement, while the women gracefully reaching for the sky represents a sense of takeoff.  

“65 is a commemorative book of art and design celebrating Ghana’s 65th independence anniversary, and is a brilliant and authentic graphic exploration of Ghanaian history, nationalism and identity. Curated by Ghanaian Art Director Jean Quarcoopome, 65 features submissions across graphic design, art, storytelling and photography.

At its core, this book is a moment in time for Ghana’s design industry and proves what Ghanaian creatives can make, and make possible, when we share ideas and collaborate.”

Project Credits
Jean Quarcoopome
Lena Morton