Diana Arbenina’s Latest Book ‘The Snow Leopard’ Features A Rockstar Presentation

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Russian rock star, composer, and poet Diana Arbenina’s latest collection of work, Snow Leopard, takes the craft of a rock concert and brings it to book form, with details such as unique lettering for each story and a “bitten” page. Designed by Sergii & Dima.

From Behance:

"Snow Leopard" is a new book by Diana Arbenina. Arbenina never does anything simply. Whether it is a new album, a concert show of many thousands, or a book, this is always what Diana herself breathes. "Snow Leopard" — a collection of the latest stories, poems, and lyrics. Every word sung and written goes to the very heart. It was this heart and the leopard from the title story of the book that became the main graphic metaphor for the cover. In addition, the lettering was developed specifically for each story and all headings, so the book has its own unique display font. As clear and focused as the author of the book.