Gifts for Designers: äntrepō, “Design for Design’s Sake”

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Instead of a massive holiday gift guide for designers, we’ve decided to focus on things we love and recommend bit by bit this year. Stay tuned to PRINT for a medley of gift ideas for the designer (or the design fan) in your life.

Given that we’re PRINT, we’re geeks for any new printed matter. But creative studio Spaeth Hill’s new publication äntrepō really hits the spot.

The publication’s goal: to get creatives to step away from the commercial aspects of the field and celebrate design for design’s sake.

“The idea behind äntrepō is to encourage more exploratory and experimental practice to designers and practitioners of all levels,” says Nathan Hill, co-founder of Spaeth Hill and äntrepō’s editor. “Actively practicing self-initiated and expressive design is so vital: It reconnects us with our fundamental drive to create without boundaries.”

Across 215 pages, the publication explores the theme of “Revelations” and features interviews with national and international artists, critical essays and “textural layouts containing experimental typography, photography and image treatments” that make our hearts flutter.

The inaugural edition features Benoît Bodhuin, Symrin Chawla, Nejc Prah, Ellen Lupton and many others—and continues off the page with a companion podcast.

Featuring a gold-foil embossed cover, the first edition is hand-numbered and limited to 100.

Order a copy here, and bask in some of the conceptual spreads below.