If “The Mandalorian” Were a Vintage Game Boy Game …

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We’re not the first to detail how great a video game based on the Disney+ series “The Mandalorian” would be—the narrative arc of each episode and overall structure just lends itself perfectly to an RPG format.

But forget next-gen consoles, and all the cost and waitlists that come with them.

We want to play the DIY “Mandalorian” throwback that designer and artist Eric C. Wilder is making on his vintage Game Boy. (Just like we want Pinot W. Ichwandardi’s “Queen’s Gambit” MS DOS game.)

But we’re skipping ahead. Before taking on Mando, Wilder taught himself how to code for the Game Boy and designed a game dubbed “Tiny Design Agency” that was just that, complete with a desk containing his logo. Upon approaching it, you get a QR code that takes you to his portfolio.

But Mando!

There’s The Child (and his floating carriage). Jawas. Space combat. A forge. Cantinas. BB Units. Baby Yoda sipping broth.

It’s worth noting that Wilder’s tinkering is not limited to the tech of yesteryear—though he does make some kickass typewriter art. He’s also a book cover designer (as the Twitter name goes), and has some nice work under his belt. Check out a couple pieces below.

This is the way.