Paperists Offers Infinite Possibilities With Paper Art

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Paperists is a book designed by Wu Yanting, Su Zhenhua, Huang Zhiyi, and Liu Xian that features a compilation of paper artist's fascinating pieces and interviews. Paper artists have the uncommon skill of taking what most people know as an everyday item and working, cutting, folding, and molding it to be a totally and utterly fascinating piece of artwork. The book itself is wonderfully designed, with an artfully gold foiled logo and a curated photographic spread on the cover. A keen eye for design curated this book and laid every page out for optimal viewing and inspiration.

PaperistsInfinite Possibilities in Paper Art

Paper, the most common of materials, is transformed into highly unexpected forms at the hands of the deft and imaginative artists featured within. Through folding, curving, cutting or gluing, a paper artist can create infinite artworks with a single sheet of paper, extending the medium’s potential far beyond its expected use as a platform for simple illustrative rendering.

Get a closer look at the projects featured in our new book Paperists. It contains interviews with extraordinary paper artists from around the world and showcases their most brilliant works!

Project Credits

Publisher: Sandu Publishing Co., Ltd. | Instagram

Chief Editor: Wang Shaoqiang

Executive Editor: July Wu

Copy Editor: Gingko Press

Designers: Wu Yanting, Su Zhenhua, Huang Zhiyi, Liu Xian

Cover projects by Ale Rambar, Diana Beltran Herrera, Estudio Guardabosques, Hazel Glass, Héloïse Bossard, Jackie Wen, JUDiTH+ROLFE, María Laura Benavente Sovieri, Matt Shlian, Owen Gildersleeve, Pippa Dyrlaga, Sara Rayo, Shinobu Ohashi, Sota, Tania Lissova, Yulia Brodskaya, Zai Divecha, Zim&Zou

Cover Design: Wu Yanting