Sueurs Froides Book Series Utilizes Gorgeous Typography For Each Of The Cover Designs

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Typography has this incredible magic about it that allows the design to almost leap from the page. For the series of books Le Sourire de Jack Rabbit and Victimes, Paprika Design created impactful book covers that will intrigue future readers and encapsulate the themes within the text through typography alone. Sticking to a simple color palette inspired by the primary colors, the covers are bold, imaginative, and original.

Denoël offers engaged literature, French and foreign, imaginary and black. For the series of books: 07.07.07, Le sourire de Jack Rabbit and Victimes, the agency uses typography and words as a tool to evoke meaning: the minimal, raw gesture of newspaper headlines. Through subtle iteration, a tone, an atmosphere is conferred. The amplification of a repetition for 07.07.07., the V, like the weapon or the executioner, are so many clues on the plot of the detective story. It is a question of dissociating oneself from the literary style of the detective story whose visual codes are rather fixed. By taking advantage of the opportunity of a singular visual proposal, we create a strong impact in bookstores in addition to attracting a new clientele that could be seduced by this atypical approach.

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