You Can Plant the Cover of This Cookbook

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Quitting meat, or at least eating a whole lot less of it, is something that's gotten easier in the past few years, with a vast array of plant-based options now available to consumers. It’s also a hell of a lot better for the planet, and some estimates speculate that removing meat and dairy from your diet can reduce a single person’s carbon footprint by 73%.

Good thing then that plant-based food brand Merchant Gourmet just released a new cookbook aimed at getting folks excited at the prospect of eating more fruits and veggies (and, yes, many of the grains they sell).

However, this is no ordinary cookbook, and it comes with a cover that you can plant in the ground.

Designed by London creative studio Uncommon, the cookbook features a limited-edition cover made from seeded paper. Just toss it in the ground, cover it with some dirt, and (Emeril voice) BAM, you’ve got fresh oregano, basil, and parsley that will compliment the 60 plant-based meals in the cookbook. Of course, the cover looks like the kind of pulpy, dried fiber stuff we made as kids, which gives it a charming texture and character, as well as a pretty decent vessel for an illustration of a fork with roots.

This is all part of Uncommon’s brand strategy for Merchant Gourmet, with their new campaign “Appetite for Change,” which hopes to inspire UK cooks to lend the planet a helping hand and eat a little less meat and dairy.

Anywho, there are not many cookbooks you can plant in the ground, so get this one while you still have a chance and get to growing some tasty herbs.
You’re going to need it for all of those lentils you’re supposed to be eating.