Brand of the Day: Blume By Batchwell, Kombucha With a Kick

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From handcrafted tea steeped in twice-filtered water to cold-pressed juice and organic fruits and vegetables, Batchwell is known in New Zealand as a kombucha of the highest caliber.

Now, four years in the making, studio South have helped Batchwell add some kick to their kombucha with the release of Blume By Batchwell. The product adheres to Batchwell’s signature standards—there are no concentrates or artificial flavors, but rather cold-pressed juice; the alcohol is quadruple-distilled for smoothness; and it’s all capped off with a carbon-filtered seltzer finish.

As Blume puts it: “Think of it like the Californian cooler your mum loved in the ’80s, but much (much) better.”

And that includes the branding and packaging.

This wasn’t South’s first collaboration with the brand. One big key this time around: illustrator Jean Jullien.

As South writes, “We were stoked to partner with the incredible Jean Jullien to add delightful illustrated moments to the brand, which produce a fun and witty attitude.”

As for the delightful taste combos featured throughout, “The trio of flavors have been carefully crafted to establish Blume as the slightly naughty cousin of Batchwell.”

Bottoms up to the work below, including South’s Batchwell kombucha branding.