Brand of the Day: Burro

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Burro is an Italian silkscreen lab that has its roots in producing brilliant handmade prints, DIY style, for the DIY visual arts and music scene they’ve long served.

After a couple years hitting the streets of Parma, Burro began producing its own wearable line, and decided the brand needed an identity, so the team brought in Valerio De Luca to help them develop one. And the streets, naturally, are where De Luca found inspiration.

He drew his color palette from Parma’s historic avenues and architecture, and focused on a bold logo that’s legible, yet retains elements of the imperfect as a nod to the brand’s DIY style.

As De Luca writes, “The overall identity communicates Burro’s attitude and mission: bringing culture and positivity to the local community of the city.”

Burro does just that—while leaving us longing for a trip to the town that built such a beautiful brand.