Brand of the Day: Deneb, Out-of-This-World Design

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“Deneb” derives from the Arabic word for “tail”—as in “tail of the hen,” aka the constellation of Cygnus, the swan. If you look up, there’s a good chance you can see said swan’s punctuated tail with the naked eye, as it’s one of the brightest stars in the night sky.

So when branding Deneb, the new Quebec digital communication and strategy company founded by Johanie Bouffard, Antoine Goulet naturally found his inspiration in astronomy.

There are contrasting colors on a grey background. There are the typefaces Poligon and Cosmo Display. There’s foil-stamping, and “three dots with gradients [that] represent the constellation and the workflow of the company.”

All in all, it’s far-out, progressive branding that reflects the mission of Deneb—and perhaps even gives it something to aspire to.