Brand of the Day: Hay!

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Of the many, many reasons to move to Australia, here’s one that might surprise: a Visa card.

But hear us out—or rather, just take a peep at Christopher Doyle & Co.’s identity for the Australian company Hay, and their signature card.

This isn’t your average financial logo, and this isn’t your average financial operation. Hay is mobile-first—meaning every consideration has been given to on-the-go banking. It’s focused on smooth data visualization of your finances, using design to foster a deeper understanding of the numbers. It comes with zero international transaction fees and solid exchange rates. It offers in-app messaging with real people; friendly rewards; a dedicated travel mode with easy financial tracking; seamless integration with Apple Pay and Google Pay; 24/7 fraud monitoring.

And perhaps best of all: No set-up fees, no monthly fees, no transfer fees, etc.

For the brand’s identity, Christopher Doyle & Co. focused on a colorful logo involving an exclamation mark, “nodding to the energy of the name and the brand’s attitude.”

As the Sydney-based studio writes, “We also developed a comprehensive visual, verbal and motion identity system that reveals itself through simple touches of movement that capture the energy and enthusiasm Hay brings to the market.”

True to the nature of the real-time responsive product, the identity shifts and morphs, keeping pace with the user at hand. All in all, it’s an on-point representation of the ethos at the heart of the brand—and one likely embraced by customers who share the same.

Should Hay decide to make their way across the Pacific, we’ll be waiting in port.