Brand of the Day: Horseshoe Pilsner—a Beer in Support of the Service Industry

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The Austin-based studio Guerilla Suit has a knack for nailing the design of Texan brews (not to mention nonalcoholic sips, as well)—and, well, they’re back at it with Horseshoe Pilsner.

Moreover, it’s a good brew for a great cause, as it supports those in the service industry whose livelihoods have been decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Karbach Brewing Co. partnered with James Beard Award–winning chefs Chris Shepherd and Aaron Franklin on the beer, which was originally created for the annual Hot Luck Festival (co-founded by Franklin, Guerilla Suit principal James Moody, and Mike Thelin). It now benefits Shepherd’s Southern Smoke Foundation, for which the team is hoping to raise upwards of $100,000. The foundation was launched in 2015 to support sommelier Antonio Gianola, and following Hurricane Harvey in 2017, shifted its focus to providing assistance to service industry workers at large. To date, it has distributed more than $2.2 million in support to those in the profession.

“For Houston and for the country as a whole, service industry workers are the backbone of our communities,” Karbach marketing manager David Graham says. “At Karbach, our staff is like an extended family and our brewery simply would not survive without them.”

Featuring concept and design by Guerilla Suit (which perpetually turns aluminum to gold), the beer is available in Texas now. Grab a six pack, and give back.