Brand of the Day: Locacuisines’ Modular New Identity

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Thanks to its innovative modular product, Locacuisines has brought professional-grade impromptu kitchens everywhere from schools to Disneyland Paris to the French Alps.

So when the French studio Brand Brothers began working on a rebrand for the company, the approach was immediately clear—and let’s face it, they really had no choice but to go modular.

After working on some wordplay and establishing a new tagline—assembler pour rassembler, or assemble to assemble—Brand Brothers got to work on the graphic language.

“Based on an in-house typographic design, the symbol, an ‘L’ made up of three ‘C’ modules, expands to form a set of modules that connect together over and over—a metaphorical representation of the assembly of restoration modules,” the agency writes. “Particular attention was paid to the deployment of this new visual system in a complex environment: modular constructions, refurbished shipping containers, delivery vehicles, work clothes, printed materials … the new territory we set up proved to be practical and simple to implement, while offering a multitude of visual possibilities.”

Nourishing design.

Check out the project below.