Brand of the Day: Oio Lab

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Oio Lab is a Polish purveyor of skincare products deeply rooted in nature. Focused on organic, cold-pressed oils without synthetic additives or preservatives, the company also respects the source of its goods, with glass bottles and recyclable packaging.

Hugmun Studio, based in Oslo and Poznań, Poland, has a history of working with the brand, and just completed the designs of the company’s Aquasphere and E-Serum packaging.

“The serums are liquid gels in transparent and light blue, so we wanted to highlight their freshness and lightness in the design,” they write. “We also drew our inspiration from the beautiful ingredients: unique pea ferment, copper tripeptide and oligosaccharides from brown algae or sea minerals.”

Ultimately, when a company starts selling prints of your packaging work, you know you’re probably doing something right.