Brand of the Day: Sparkling Botanicals

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There are a lot of sparkling waters on the market today—but none have a background like this one.

Joshua Kaiser founded Rishi Tea & Botanicals in 1997 when he surveyed the American tea market and realized that many of the traditional handcrafted teas he loved from his travels in Asia were nowhere to be found. An early leader in artisan tea in the U.S., he has since fostered a company that embraces organic botanicals, direct trade with suppliers that Rishi maintains personal relationships with, and sustainability.

Now, as more tea drinkers move to bottled and canned teas to save time, Kaiser surveyed the market and realized that no existing options feature premium botanicals while lacking sugar and preservatives. Thus Sparkling Botanicals was born.

The resulting beverages contain no additives or powdered extracts, but plenty of imported fruit, spices and herbs from the company’s suppliers around the globe.

Studio MPLS created the branding and packaging for the beverages, and brought the company’s values and the product to the fore. The logo speaks to the high-end organic nature of the botanicals behind the beverage, and a refined type treatment and carefully deployed color palette complete the design and set it apart from the rest of the category.

Indeed, no sparkling waters have a background like this one—and none tend to look this good, either.

Images: Studio MPLS