Brand of the Day: Tecate, Rebottled

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Tecate has traditionally styled itself as a classic, masculine beer—one that dominates the market in Northern Mexico (the brew is, after all, named after the border town where it was founded in 1944).

But the brand knew that they had the potential for this kind of success throughout the country, so they turned to design to help them realize it. In the process, they brought on Elmwood New York to help them modernize and broaden their reach and demographics, with an eye on the younger Mexico City audience.

“With a brand as beloved as Tecate, we knew that a boots-on-the-ground immersion across Mexico’s many regions would be necessary to inform a meaningful design,” says Elmwood NY Executive Creative Director Meg Beckum. “From this process, we understood that the brand is deeply entwined in the country’s cultural fabric. Yes, it’s a great beer, but it’s more than that: It’s an authentic lifestyle icon ingrained in Mexican sports, music and entertainment. We needed to shift the narrative beyond product—to an attitude encapsulating Tecate’s unapologetic boldness.”

Working alongside the Tecate team, Elmwood developed a new identity, packaging and brand ecosystem, aiming for a new progressive relevance—one that would take flight without alienating existing consumers. In their work, they dialed back extraneous visual clutter and bolstered the brand’s wordmark and signature eagle. They then partnered with Tecate’s ad agency Nomades to bring the identity to Tecate’s real-world touchpoints, from the micro, such as point-of-sale displays, to the macro—music festivals and soccer sponsorships.

The result, with hope: A new look that is quite literally on the tip of consumers’ tongues.

Check out the work below.

Executive Creative Director: Meg Beckum

Design Directors: Bruno Nesci, Mike Tabie

Account Director: Melissa Braun

Account Manager: Daniela Sabler

Senior Strategist: Robert Pietrzyk

Senior Designer: Jonathon Jones

Designer: Dee Dalencour