Brand of the Day: The Art of Chocolate x Atelier Bingo

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The Art of Chocolate is just that—chocolate with an infusion of art.

And the Scotland-based purveyor is hyperfocused not just on quality, but on operating ethically—for both. When it comes to the former, the company sources refined, high-quality chocolate buttons from Colombian partners, and transfers them to their Edinburgh kitchen—a contrast in an industry that prefers to buy raw chocolate from suppliers at a much lower cost, handling the processing themselves later. (The Art of Chocolate also supports the economies in which they operate by contributing to teaching farmers to improve their yields.)

As for giving a fitting frame to that product, the company commissions original designs for their packaging, turning the bars into true pieces of eye candy.

Their latest: A collaboration with Maxime Prou and Adèle Favreau, aka atelier bingo. The French illustrators and designers who count Urban Outfitters, Vogue, The Paris Review and many others as clients worked on a trio of offerings that includes a passion fruit bar (61% dark chocolate), a rhubarb and ginger bar (40% milk chocolate) and a traditional dark chocolate bar (61%).

Each comes decked out in atelier bingo’s collage work, and is available here.