Brand of the Day: Type-Forward Toothcare

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Every visit to the dentist may feel the same—a bit of anxiety mixed with the unknown and that plethora of drills that you want nowhere near your mouth—but that doesn’t mean it has to look the same.

And Studio July’s brand strategy, identity, collateral and web design for Maison Dentaire No32 definitely gives the clinic an aesthetic all its own.

“July’s creative vision was to infuse a feeling of establishment, confidence and experience with a young attitude—through a gritty tone of voice and a crisp yet daring typographic treatment,” Studio July writes.

Rather than flex the usual dental vibes, July sought to make the entire experience more comparable to a trip to your favorite barber or salon.

“Patients actually enjoy going to the dentist,” the studio writes. “It becomes their good moment in a bad day, even with a bad tooth.”

We may not all be near enough to Quebec to get our teeth tuned up at the shop, but we can certainly appreciate the unconventional—and ADC/TDC award-winning—design from afar.

Creative direction/design: Emanuel Cohen

Creative direction/brand strategy: Mariane Vaillancourt

Photography: Sacha Cohen, Ben Meir Ohayon