Building a Better Bubble

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With COVID-19, we’ve all suddenly found ourselves living in a bit of a bubble—and it turns out a Bubble might be part of the solution to breaking out of it in the future.

Yellow Goat Design produces work for the hospitality, corporate and educational markets. Their latest line, a series of screens dubbed Connect and featuring the flagship Bubble product, is a step toward eventually allowing people to repopulate those settings.

“Our new Safe Screen Collection serves to create confidence-inspiring spaces that are defined by physical distance, while also maintaining social communication through designs that seek humanity, hospitality, connection and reduction of waste as the ultimate goals,” the company writes.

The screens are made from etched acrylic, digitally printed acrylic and powder-coated metal—and of all the industrial products that are emerging to respond to the radically shifting pandemic landscape, these are among a rare aesthetic bright spot.

Check out the line below, starting with the Bubble, an illustrated polycarbonate screen that features adjustable clamps, and is suitable for both temporary and permanent applications.

The Bubble




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