Juice Drinkers, United By Design

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Juice Drinkers is a juice and smoothie bar in Poznań, Poland, producing high-quality beverages using simple, natural ingredients—so for its first rebranding in almost a decade, it likely made sense to lean into minimalism.

Hugmun Studio, based in Oslo and Poznań, completed the new identity. The clean, structured black-and-white packaging—accented by Maria Mileńko’s hand-drawn illustrations and Indian Type Foundry’s Poppins typeface—provides a fitting vehicle for the colorful product to speak for itself. And with an eye toward the future, Juice Drinkers has also introduced returnable glass bottles, as well as recyclable paper packaging.

All told, a refreshing refresh.

Art direction: Joanna Ziemowska

Photo: Kuba Rodziewicz

Scenography: Jadwiga Paluch