Rebranding The Breakfast Club

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For ThoughtMatter, working on London’s beloved Breakfast Club brand was a homecoming of sorts—after all, Creative Director Ben Greengrass designed the identity for the original eatery when it launched in 2005.

The 80s-themed diner now boast 12 locations throughout the city, and they brought ThoughtMatter on to help unify their collective look. From New York City, ThoughtMatter collaborated with a London-based strategist and copywriter to make sure they nailed the vernacular, and later traveled to the city to study the different Breakfast Club locations.

“A ‘boots on the ground’ approach was key,” says Greengrass. “Even being English and having worked on the brand before, we had to really audit and research the current scene in London and surrounding areas to understand the nuances of the hospitality and restaurant business right now.”

Ultimately, ThoughtMatter redesigned The Breakfast Club’s original logo, as well as menus and merchandise and many touchpoints in between. They refined the color palette—drawing inspiration from the eateries’ ubiquitous egg yolk, batter, tomato and marmite—as well as the brand’s typography, and utilized illustration to convey The Breakfast Club’s personality.

As ThoughtMatter details, “Each update was squarely aimed at adding a sense of consistency and clarity without sacrificing style.”

The relaunch went live … and then the COVID-19 pandemic began. With the physical Breakfast Club locations closed, ThoughtMatter helped the brand position and deliver a new delivery service to its customers.

True to ThoughtMatters stated mission of working with brands with purpose, “What really made this exciting for us was the ability to support a brand that’s so focused on serving their community with workshops, volunteer programs and charitable contributions,” Managing Director Jessie McGuire says. “Brands like theirs deserve to shine, and we were happy to collaborate to make that happen.”

Here’s a look at the results.