Smucker’s Gets Its First New Logo in Three Decades

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Smucker’s has long been synonymous with jam—and that’s something that manifests in its traditionally illustrated, familiar strawberry logo.

But Smucker’s also maintains 40 brands in categories including coffee, pet food, peanut butter … and on and on. Over the past 20 years, the company has grown from an $800 million jam empire to a $7 billion grocery-staple goliath. Yet the company’s logo dates to 1989—so the opportunity for a rebrand was ripe.

Rather than commission a barely discernible tweaking of its logotype, the company went all-in on a new mark with the help of CBX. Smucker’s details that it selected the agency because they had the ability to push the brand forward and think outside the box. Early on, CEO Mark Smucker emphasized that he wanted the development to involve employees, and reflect the culture of the company and its people; to that end, CBX and Smucker’s held workshops and surveys with staff to pin down visual and verbal themes and attitudes.

The collaboration continued with the team agreeing to three guiding design principles: building upon legacy equities; focusing on timeless design—not nostalgia; and modernizing by stripping away and simplifying.

“Recognizing the company’s history and five generations of family leadership, we were inspired by their past,” says Rick Barrack, chief creative officer and co-founder of CBX. “But what’s really exciting is where the company is today, their culture and their continued growth. The new identity uses the familiar strawberry to anchor the mark, a pivot point to convey change, and the movement of shapes to express the future. We think it captures the essence of their organization, while giving a nod to their heritage.”

Check it out below.