22squared Creates a Higher Experience For Cannabis Consumers

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

Cannabis brand Columbia Care partnered with creative company 22squared to design the visual identity for their brand Cannabist. In creating an elevated branding experience, the essence is sleek with beautiful typography, intricate illustrations, and a dark and moody color palette. Whether you’re a medical or recreational cannabis user, you’ll find comfort in the refined brand identity as it’s both welcoming and refreshing.

Columbia Care is one of the largest and most experienced cultivators, manufacturers and providers of medical and adult-use cannabis products, and as a result, they have cemented their position as a cannabis category leader. 

In 2020, Columbia Care partnered with 22squared to take the brand to the next level – by creating a brand that serves as an intersection for medical and recreational cannabis users, built on one of the largest customer data repositories, passion, technology innovation, community commitment and product standards.  Together, we created the Cannabist—a place where customers could have a higher experience (literally and figuratively).  In this elevated environment, we began to create a hub for all those who want to incorporate cannabis into their lives – regardless of what brought them to us and what their experience has been.  Cannabist is a space where exploration is encouraged, personalization happens seamlessly, service is uncomplicated and genuine, and it all comes together with technology-led solutions that show just how accessible cannabis can be.

22squared led the logo and brand design as well as the brand positioning and strategy, and designed a line of personalized wearables and merch. This gorgeous, art-deco Cannabist experience stands out among competitors and offers an inviting environment that both connoisseurs and newcomers are equally drawn to.

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