Vivo Brings Joy To Healthy Eating

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Vivo is a Colombian-based restaurant that takes the farm to table ethos one step further.

Branding agency Invade thought through every little detail in the most aesthetically pleasing, cheery, vibrant, and health-conscious way. The logo finds inspiration in the growth of plants rising from the soil. The restaurant looks as if it landed right in the middle of a lush jungle, complete with gorgeous wooden chairs, deep green bench cushions, and enough plants to make a gardener jealous. Not to mention, the colors used throughout the identity ooze with festivity and joy. Vivo's branding is perfectly minimal so that the food can be utterly extravagant in its own light.

Farm Before PharmVivo is a Medellín-based restaurant which offers healthy preparations using ingredients that were very carefully planted and harvested, from seed to crop to then be transported to the city. According to its owners, the food’s origin is the key to health, and that is why they decided to grow their ingredients in their farm in order to guarantee their traceability and thus to be able to strengthen the restaurant's value proposition.

While designing their logo, we saw a great opportunity to recreate plants growing from the soil, which allowed us to communicate the brand’s essence in a very effective way. Vivo promotes the origin but also goes beyond in terms of aesthetics, with blocks of warm and energetic colors. This idea also transpires in the dishes, decorated with edible flowers.We managed, through design, to transport an idea from the farm to the table, preserving the countryside while taking it to the city, where an audience can easily process it. As a brand, Vivo stands out for the simplicity of its message, and for its great effort in selecting ingredients.

Project Credits

Photography by invade design

Art direction by Elisa Angel

Interior design by Reeal