A New Look—and New Goal—for Conservation International

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New logo for Conservation International

Can a logo save the world? Granted, that’s a pretty lofty ambition, but you might as well dream big, right? And if Chermayeff & Geismar’s latest work for global environmental group, Conservation International, is any indication, that appears to be the plan. A recent press release states that no longer content to merely save the environment, Conservation International has decided to redefine its identity and role as an organization from one that protects nature to one that protects the whole world “for the well-being of humanity at large.”

With that in mind, Conservation International concluded that its old mark , an elaborate illustration of pristine wildlife (see below), no longer adequately communicated its identity or mission. So they came to Chermayeff & Geismar, who have designed world famous logos for National Geographic, PBS, Smithsonian, and many others.

Principal partner Sagi Haviv’s solution? A blue circle to symbolize a blue planet, emphasized, supported, and sustained by a green line underneath. The mark can also be seen as a unique human form and, as a result, works both as a powerful brand signal for Conservation International and the group’s critical new mission.

“The new symbol for Conservation International is an instance in logo design where the power is truly embedded in the simplicity,” says Haviv. “Yet it is expressive enough to help the organization redefine itself, and therefore has the potential to become a true international icon. It was a perfect fit.”

According to Conservation International chairman and CEO, Peter Seligmann, “Our new logo represents our new mission and strategy, and—most importantly—our vision of a healthy blue planet supported by a sustainable, green development path.”

So if a logo can indeed save the world, for everyone’s sake, let’s hope it’s this one.

Old logo for Conservation International