A Place To Call Home: Hotel Paradiso Designed By Sarah Kahn

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I have this recurring daydream of lying in bed and watching movies all day while having food and drinks delivered whenever I call. It's otherworldly. A place where stresses don't exist, and the only thing that matters is what movie I'm watching next: a Tarantino film or a mindless Rom-Com? There's no wrong answer.

It turns out, shockingly, there's one place in the world where my daydream could effortlessly get turned into a reality. Hotel Paradiso is the first Cinema Hotel, at least that I've heard of, a place where, in every single room, there's a personal big screen.

The talented Sarah Kahn designed the branding and identity for this one-of-a-kind home away from home. Instead of focusing on the clichés of the theatre world, Kahn chose to take inspiration from Kinetic Art from the graphic effects, movements, and optical illusions that develop from a roll of film.

The result is a branding system that enthralls you. There's effervescent movement, typographical plotlines, and color stories that will leave you inspired.

No detail is untouched, from the key cards featuring black and white typography that pulls you into branded posters that mimic storyboards to an immersive room environment. I have a feeling that after you check into the doors of the lobby, you'll never want to walk back out. Eat, sleep, and watch movies for eternity. With room service to boot? I'll check in now.