Accessible For All: One Dollar Icons

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Frequently, great design, and even good design, can seem unreachable. Predesigned items can be expensive, sometimes rightfully so, but what if vectorized icons were more available? Think of all the great designs that could come from it.

One Dollar Icons is a website delivering vectorized icons for, you guessed, one dollar. Icons range from thermometers to palm trees to no-smoking signs. These simple icons give designers, students, and everyone in between access to affordable icons to elevate their designs and increase their design aesthetics.

Co-motion studios designed the branding and identity, and the visuals are just as accessible as the icons themselves. Using shades of black, white, and chartreuse paired with simple sans-serif fonts, anyone can feel comfortable with this brand

One Dollar Icons was created to give designers, developers, students, marketers, and business owners access to quality, affordable icons.

Project Credits

Co-motion Studio