According To Love Beauty Foods, Global Care Starts With Self-Care

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LBF, which stands for Love Beauty Foods, is a beauty and health brand working towards making safe, environmentally friendly, and natural products more accessible. With the help of the creative design studio makebardothe branding system is welcoming and representative of both security and confidence. Through the typography that has the approachable look of a typewriter and the minimalistic color palette, this branding system is simple but effective, showcasing only what matters and nothing more, perfect for a sustainable brand. 

LBF was created by Gabby and Will in the beach town of Newcastle, Australia. Their purpose is to help communities live more consciously by offering safe, natural and organic essentials that have minimal impact on the planet. Their products are made with the purest, nutrient-dense ingredients carefully sourced from local and organic growers and lovingly packaged in recycled materials.

They approached us to have a rebrand in the middle of the pandemic scenario. During those uncertain times more than ever, we seek to create a brand identity that can be a source of comfort, familiarity and trust. We wanted to achieve it through a design approach that feels celebratory, joyful, human, not pretentious or aseptic.

We worked with “Balance” as a concept, and the way of representing it visually is through the cairn sculptures because it brings meaning to the brand’s story. These “sculptures” represent the essence of what we believe that this brand evokes as a company. It is a brand that serves as a directional marker to conscious consumption. We love the concept that throughout history, travellers have collaborated in building cairns along paths to navigate new territories. It not only points the way home but also represents safety, hope and friendship. Also, the cairn stones bring balance and calm to the hectic pace of daily life. All these attributes align perfectly with the core values of the brand.

We work with the premise of “Meticulous elimination of excess.” At the moment of creation, the priority was to be faithful to the care and respect for the environment. So, we worked the brand with a minimal palette to use less ink when printing and be more friendly with the planet. We know that we won’t save the earth, but we are trying to generate less impact. For typeface usage, we follow the same criteria. We used one type of font for the entire identity, from logo to headlines, callouts and body copy. We chose this font because it has a reminiscence of typewriter font, giving the design a craft and human look.

Regarding the packaging design, the label has a clear front with a conceptual intention. When consumers turning the packaging to read the information, they are the protagonist; they are deciding. We did not want to give the chewed info; it is a wink to the idea that if you’re going to be part of the change, you have to get involved starting with small actions. 

These decisions highlight the unpretentiousness and sustainable values that the brand has and enhance the idea that simplicity is “the new luxury”.

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