Add The Sunseeker To Your Itinerary, Stat

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My family and I visited my grandmother's beach cabana for at least one week every summer as I was growing up. It was a place where kids could roam free, adults were always cheery, and everyone shared stories.

All of these feelings about my grandmother's beach came flooding back to me when I saw The Sunkeer's branding. It's beachy, minimal, fresh, and nostalgic. Muse Muse, an Australian-based design studio, has done a fantastic job of weaving together future wanderlust with fond memories of the past. The Sunseeker is now officially on my "places I need to visit" list.

Project Credits:

Owners/Creative Directors: Jess and Dave Frid

Brand Creation and Design: Muse Muse

Builders/Architects: Balanced Earth

Creative Consultant: Tory Bauer

Interiors Consultant: Julia Ashwood

General Manager: Bec Villanti

Landscape Architects: Land Company