Aleodor Science Center Explores Both The Familiar And The Strange In Science

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Aleodor Science Center, designed by VRLN Studio, was built on a dream to create a strong economy through science and technology innovation. The use of binary code to create the logo and the pops of technicolor makes for an approachable brand with a robust scientific twist. The decision to energize the brand identity with a unique twist was not an accident, as the visuals inspire curiosity and exploration within all age groups.

Aleodor Science Center is nurturing a new world of intelligence, by reducing the distance between what’s perceived as familiar and what seems strange in science. It’s bringing science closer to people’s interests, by developing a new way to discover it.

Aleodor is a reference to a fictional character in the Romanian culture that has all the positive abilities – like loyalty, honesty, and bravery – to inherit the legacy of a city and to take it to new heights. As brand name and verbal identity, Aleodor Science Center is able to look back at the educational and innovative legacy of Iași and to revive it into a new economic nucleus.

The brand logo is the first product of Aleodor Science Center that was developed to embody the freedom to think, structure to discover and intelligence to create. The logo is taking the brand concept further and translates it into a binary code. Each letter of the brand name has its own code made out of 0 and 1. By marking the 0 in each letter, the whole structure becomes a solid and austere shape. The rounded smooth edges balance the shape and turns it into a more fluid and responsive one, a shape everybody can relate to.

We designed a tool to generate the entire Visual Identity and we call it: Aleodor Generator. This symbol generator was created as a public tool for the Aleodor Science Center staff and the general audience as well. It generates graphic elements for all the brand communication materials and it makes possible an interactive dialogue between people and visual brand elements they can create for their own personal use.

Project Credits

Brand Strategist & Copywriter: Ștefana Gabor-Stoica

Brand Designer: Paul Vîrlan

Programmer: Cavel Jan