Allsopp’s Redesign Takes a Look Back at the Brand’s Design Archives

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Allsopps is a beer brand with a lot of history—starting by dating back to the 1740s where Benjamin Wilson, an innkeeper-brewer of Burton, brewed beer for himself and sold some to other owners.

Around 1800, Benjamin Junior took his nephew Samuel Allsopp into the business. In 1807, following a downturn in trade, he ended up selling his brewery to Allsopp.

Flash forward to 2021, and the brand underwent a redesign with the help of Silas Amos. After looking through the brand's design archives, it only made sense to feature the ever-lasting red hand logo front and center on the new bottle design. Contrasting the red hand with the green background makes the bottle pop right off the shelves.

This brand has been around for centuries, and, by the looks of it, it isn't going anywhere any time soon.

It’s not often you get to redesign a near 300 year old start-up, but Allsopp’s is just that. Founded in 1730 Allsopp’s grew to become one of the biggest breweries in the world over the next two centuries, and has one of the most incredible brand histories I’ve ever come across – with cameos from the likes of Napoleon and Queen Victoria.

Unfortunately the 20th century wasn’t so kind to Allsopp’s, seeing it nearly fade into the sands of time.

Thankfully, Jamie Allsopp (seven times grandson of the brewery’s founder) discovered the sole surviving ledger of his family’s recipes, sought out the old trademarks and is reviving Allsopp’s to it’s former glory for the beer drinkers of today.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the Allsopp’s design archive. So much to draw from. Literally. But with a great archive comes great responsibility. Which is why we enlisted the incredible craftsman Lloyd Stratton to reillustrate the infamous Allsopp’s red hand.

There’s been so many people working hard on this epic comeback, but it would have been absolutely impossible without the help of this super talented core team

Project Credits

Brand Strategy: SilaAmos

Project Management: Shiran Shaya

Production Management: Lisa Stillman

Copywriting: Christopher T. Sharpe

Illustration: Lloyd Stratton

Designer: Alec Tear