An Australian Rebrand That Puts Kids First

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When designing a brand for multiple audiences, it's essential to keep accessibility in mind. Studio Brave rebranded Australia's Kids First, formerly known as Child Protection Services, into an approachable brand for government bodies, philanthropists, and, most importantly, children. Finding the balance of a fresh spirit with a hint of authority for a brand is no easy task, but we love the execution. The use of the heart icon in the logo is both visual and conceptual as the core values of Kids First are Hope, Empowerment, Accountability, Respect, and Trust.

Kids are at the heart of everything.

Kids First, formerly Child Protection Services, has been working with children and families for over 120 years. The rebrand provided an opportunity for transformation, both internally and externally, with a focus on establishing Kids First as a leader in their field.

Kids First is guided by its core principles of Hope, Empowerment, Accountability, Respect and Trust – abbreviated to ‘HEART’. It was integral that these principles informed the visual language developed for the rebrand.

The result was a multifaceted brandmark, representative of both a literal heart as well as the concept of transformation. An extendable series of supporting illustrations were created to further extend the visual language of the brand across a wide range of applications.

While directly communicating with children, Kids First also engages a wide range of audiences, including government bodies, organizations and philanthropists. Therefore one of our key challenges was to develop a brand that struck a delicate balance between a youthful and optimistic spirit, as well as a sense of maturity and authority.

Working within one of the the most diverse and challenging sectors of community care, considerations were made given the sensitive nature of the topics often covered in information provided by Kids First.

Variations of the core colour palette were developed to ensure maximum flexibility and longevity when applying the illustrations across a wide range of applications.

An extensive set of guidelines were developed for Kids First to use internally to ensure the consistency of the brand across all touchpoints in the future. The document defines regulations concerning the usage of the logo, visual language, colours and typography, and are continuously updated with the most recent brand applications.

Designed by Studio Brave