Anagrama Designs Tulum International Film Festival’s Identity

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Inspired by the art that’s spurred from social justice movements and street art, Anagrama created an identity system for the Tulum International Film Festival that utilizes elements of stencils and stickers. The identity is strong and striking and allows anyone of any language to understand the impactfulness of the event through the visuals alone. Additionally, only using black, white, and yellow adds another prominent component to the identity system to make the designs pop. 

Tulum International Film Festival ( FICTU ) is a government initiative in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. It was born with the purpose of disseminating the best national and international film productions while activating cinematographic projections and cultural activities. The festival celebrated its second edition in August 2021. The first edition took place in December 2019.

Create the visual system for the Tulum International Film Festival second edition called “Ven a ver” ( “Come and see” ). We seek to preserve the first edition’s identity by adding a disruptive, striking and inclusive image while retaining congruence with its natural and social environment.

Inspired by urban art that transmits social movement, justice and empowerment, we took the use of stencils and stickers for the visual system. These elements, in addition to having a strong meaning, grant an easy and fast reproduction in a variety of formats. We chose yellow to accentuate the colors of the Tulum surroundings and use it as a reference for the modernity and urbanization that is being lived in the area. Seeking to honor the local, national and international culture that is currently experienced in Tulum, we created the “Ven a ver” ( “Come and see” ) iconography so that anyone, regardless of their language, can have a visual reference and understanding of the festival’s message.

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