Anson Calder Gets a New Identity From COLLINS

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Anson Calder is a New York City-based brand creating everyday essentials that are simple, functional, and extremely high quality.

COLLINS partnered with the team to develop a brand identity that showcases the brand’s individuality while allowing space for creative freedoms through a minimalistic yet refined aesthetic. The result is a timeless high-end system that will age as beautifully as the brand’s leather goods.

Founded in New York City, Anson Calder crafts uncommonly inventive, contemporary leather products. Guided by exquisite craftsmanship and a minimalist aesthetic, the company bridges the past and present. Striving to make what we carry with us everyday the best it can be.

Through a culmination of function, mastery, and NY drive for good measure—Anson Calder makes objects worth reaching for. Goods at your side for whatever the day brings. Together, we identified a way to enhance their brand story. Creating new paths into design, and exploring a different perspective of luxury, to resonate with their audience.

Designed to last a lifetime, Anson Calder’s products have an added benefit: the stories they carry. They grow with us. Reminding us of where we have been and who we are becoming. We wanted the visual expression to evoke that sentiment.

The way creativity has been historically defined by “luxury brands” focuses on the single-moded expression of one designer. Anson Calder reframes the meaning of luxury by keeping creativity in the hands of the audience, too—allowing for individual creative adaptation of their products.

Embodying a patented Anson Calder design system, leather straps are woven through exterior walls anchored by circular metal hardware. Endless personalized configurations become possible. The products change and respond as you work, travel and evolve.

The thoughtful way Anson Calder’s products are built is bolstered with a commitment to giving back. For every purchase made, Anson Calder donates a portion of the proceeds to the FSH Society, the world’s largest grassroots network of individuals with FSH muscular dystrophy, their families, and research activists.

We’re honored to have partnered with the Anson Calder team to create a brand that’s a catalyst for creativity: sparking self-expression in its audience.

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