Archiv Obliv is a Conceptual Exhibit Set For the Year 3021

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To discuss and understand our future, specifically our digitally documented memories, Jakob Weber created a conceptual exhibit to take place in the year 3021.

The exhibition focuses on these digital memories and the internet of people's thoughts and explores the idea of wondering what information will be left for our future generations. The showcased artifacts are seemingly meaningless, but they take inspiration from the past and the objects that we currently idolize or deem essential. Additionally, the grid system seen throughout the branding is beautifully structured and well thought through—a wonderfully creative exploration of the future.

Archiv OBLIV is a fictive exhibition concept which takes place in the year 3021. The idea is the result from an intensive examination of the topic »digital memories«. In the center of this exhibition there are 100 archeological objects which are scientifically analyzed and put into a historical and cultural context.

Is digitization changing the way we remember? What is the difference between storing information and remembering? Whats the purpose of forgetting? What cultural value could all the data junk we collect today have in far futures?

All archeological elements have been 3D-generated. They are projections of random and meaningless data and images found in open source online libarys and my own hard drives.

All the objects try to mimmic the character of old artifacts and archeological found pieces. The 100 objects are portrayed in the exhibition catalog – 50 of them can be spatially experienced with the help of an augmented reality extension, creating a virtual museum experience.

Project Credit

Jakob Weber